how to stop smoking ellen degeneres


“everyone who reads this book stops. So I stopped and I’m so glad I quit”

Ellen Degeners




“Smokers are scared to read it because it actually works!









Imagine being free and living a healthier lifestyle


Smoking is a breathing parasite. After you stopped smoking, you’ll be able to regain control of your breathing and breathe better, especially when you’re under stress. You’ll quickly become surprised at how deep and long breaths can change the way you feel.





How can it be possible that a 200 page book can help you stop smoking?


Allen Carr explains, “We smoke when we are nervous. Tell smokers that cigarettes are killing them, and the first thing they will do is light one.”


In his book, Allen removes the sense that quitting is a struggle by introducing passages with bright bold lettering, and bits of humor. An example of humor is where in the book, there is a chapter entitled “The Advantages of Being a Smoker” and it’s just a blank page.


allencarrAllen Carr, author





Ashton Kutcher talks about ‘Easy Way To Stop Smoking’


















Here’s what others are saying…






“After smoking 30 years myself I am delighted to say that I am now free of nicotine slavery and it is an absolute joy!


I can’t help smiling to myself when I see those smokers huddled outside the pub, office, shop etc, addicted to the drug of nicotine.


From the moment I extinguished my last cigarette about two weeks ago I have already enjoyed the freedom of being a non-smoker and the process has been so easy I wonder why I never thought I could do it before I got this book.


If you smoke and you want to get free of it and dont read books much this audio CD is exactly what you need. If you prefer reading buy the book instead :-)


All the best wishes for your easy, smoke free, future :-)”







“Both myself & my husband read this book and have stopped for 12 weeks now without much effort at all! I could count on the one hand the amount of times Iv had a craving! Wish I’d read it sooner, I wasted 14yrs & alot of cash & time! Thank you!!”








“Great book,great method of giving up smoking, the more you read the more you are preparing yourself for the ultimate escape.

Allen lays it all down and doesn’t bore you with the same old rubbish,this is man who smoked 60 a day for 33 years and that alone demands respect,forget NHS forget the will power method this is the easier way,to give you an insight to his method he tells you to carry on smoking until you’ve finished the book.

Go for it.”














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